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Invented by Doctors

Sarah Davis, M.D., founder of SAFER Diagnostics™, is a doctor and an entrepreneur. She is an ABMS certified family medicine physician who has been practicing for over two decades.

Dr. Davis is a lifelong innovator in care and treatment, introducing the very first concierge medical practice in North Texas.

When Dr. Davis’ own daughter contracted COVID-19 as a summer camp counselor, Dr. Davis noticed a decreased sense of smell that with objective testing was much worse than she even realized. She then performed a community COVID-19 study, leading to the invention of the SAFER Card™ and SAFER Campus™ system.

The SAFER Card™ system is designed for daily use in businesses, campuses, and anywhere people come together.

Safer Card
Covid-19 Screening

What is The SAFER Card™?

Our anosmia/hyposmia (loss or diminished sense of smell) screen is one of the fastest, most practical tools to help businesses, organizations, and campuses identify who should be further tested for COVID-19.

Safer Card

Diminished scent capacity often goes unnoticed by infected individuals, and it is an early symptom when individuals are highly contagious.

Key SAFER Observations*

The majority of people with COVID-19 have diminished (hyposmia) or no (anosmia) sense of smell.

Anosmia/hyposmia frequently occurs very early in the course of the disease, when a person is most contagious.

Individuals with diminished scent capacity frequently do not notice this symptom until they are screened.

Sudden acute hyposmia is highly unusual outside of COVID-19, so it is a strong warning sign.

Diminished scent can be objectively detected.

Our data shows that detection of anosmia/hyposmia (loss or diminished sense of smell) is one of the most effective low-cost screens to know when to test for COVID-19.

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How it works

SAFER Campus™ System

Our advanced campus solution enables you to screen your members one time each day for the entire day.

When a subject passes the SAFER screen, our system gives them a mobile day pass on their phone for use anywhere on campus. No app is needed – our technology makes it automatic.

Contact us for more information on our SAFER Campus System.

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The Science

SAFER can be used off-the-shelf, or for larger institutions it can be custom integrated into an existing mitigation practice.

Features & Benefits

* PII, or Personally Identifiable Information, is collected data that is subject to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. SAFER does not collect any PII when a subject fails the screen.

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